A world of innovation, UBQ profiled  as an emerging technology within  Supply Management Magazine


"With great power comes great responsibility"

Supply chains and the raw material acquisition strategies they rely upon to source, manufacture and distribute the products we consume around the world, is the cornerstone of the linear 'take, make, trash' economic approach we have today. 

Suppliers, local retailers through to big box brand owners have the power and the responsibility to fundamentally change the way we source and use materials in the products that are marketed today.

To quote Dr. Paul Connett, "The message to industry is this: If we can't reuse it, if we can't recycle it, if we can't compost it - you shouldn't be making it! " 

This is the absolute ideal model, however, with such a high focus on pricing, industry tends to 'cut corners' to increase their short-term profit margins rather than develop longterm value propositions. It is here where the significant potential of economically viable and sustainable solutions can have an immense impact when scaled in partnership with industry leaders. 

As suggested by  Christopher Sveen, a slightly different message to the industry could be, "If you want cheap, sustainable and readily available materials today you need to be an equal partner in scaling breakthrough technologies, like UBQ Materials." 
Alongside new innovations from Switzerland, Canada, UK and Germany -  UBQ is mentioned as a  company with a viable and revolutionary waste solution, producing bio-based composite materials.  

ACT NOW!   By implementing our bio-based materials you can achieve carbon neutral products and a climate positive supply chain. 

UBQ thanks Supply Management magazine for the coverage and seeking out new emerging sustainable technologies like ours. 
The following was published in the Supply Management Journal, June 2018. 

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